707… We knew from the beginning that we’d have some fun working with the mighty Challenger Hellcat, but we just didn’t know how much… First impressions: wow. Power is definitely an understatement for this one. The face-melting acceleration of the Hellcat will change your definition of “fast car.”

We began prototyping the Roar Racing Super GT, a non-valved, no-nonsense, purists performance exhaust system. The full system features a dual 3″ X-Pipe which leads into a pair of Roar Racing mufflers specifically engineered for HEMI engines in order to provide maximum performance gains. The exhaust exits the rear of the car through our double-walled LeMans style quad tips. All of this hand built from T-304 grade polished stainless steel. Picture below:




The result of all of this is a tremendous improvement in power over the Hellcats original, restrictive exhaust system, as well an extremely aggressive sound that one of our Instagram followers described as “when your speakers can’t even create the actual sound because too much muscle.”

Numbers wise, this Hellcat will now be tearing up the asphalt with a newly found 29 horsepower and 35 ft/lbs of torque, at the wheels! Enough reading for now though, turn your speakers up and enjoy the video!



Additional Photos

Volkswagen MK6 GTI Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) Turbo-back Exhaust System


We saw the GTI as a very fun and sporty hot hatch, but also as a very practical daily vehicle, and so we decided to offer both  our GTS and GTC (EV Control) exhaust systems for the GTI. Demonstrated in the video is the Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) exhaust system which features electronic valve control controllable by the driver, delivering the ability to switch from open mode (aggressive sound) to closed mode (subtle sound) on the fly. Its GTS variant does not offer the valve control feature, and produces a sound equivalent of the GTC in open mode, aggressive at all times.

Installed on this GTI, you’ll find our Meisterschaft cat-less downpipe + front-pipe, and GTC (EV Control) rear muffler section with large 2x102mm LeMans style Round Split tips and included direct bolt-on SR pipe. All of these hand-made components come together to produce one of the most beautiful, highest performing, and best sounding exhaust system available for the VW GTI.


Install Photos


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Lexus RCF and the MUSA Series


Our MUSA series by GTHAUS has been in the works for some time now, a project that has been kept silent while we patiently waited for a unique vehicle to head its debut. The 467-horsepower, V8-driven RC-F by Lexus was the answer.

Once directing our focus onto the RC-F, we set out to create the wildest, best performing, and most beautiful exhaust system on the market. Composed of a pair of E.V. controlled rear mufflers, and optional mid LSR pipe section, we believe to have achieved just that.

Pictured below is the GTC (EV Control) variant which we’ve installed on the car in the videos. This system is equipped with our 4x120x80mm oval exhaust tips (4x102mm round is also an available option). If you take a closer look at the mid LSR pipe, you will notice the velocity chamber in the center. This velocity chamber highly increases the flow of exhaust gases, much more than any traditional X-Pipe would.

IMG_0948 copy


From the factory, the largest downfall of the RC-F were its power-robbing secondary catalytic converters and inadequate diameter piping channeled into its highly restrictive rear mufflers – all of which we’ve taken care of. Our GTC (EV Controlled) rear muffler section, paired with our optional mid LSR Pipe (with velocity chamber) unleashed the full capability of the new Lexus, showing improvements of 46 wheel horsepower and 19 wheel torque (ft/lbs) on our Mustang dyno!




Installed Shots

For demonstration purposes, the left side of this vehicle is equipped with our 4x120x80mm oval tips, and right side has been fitted with 4x102mm round tips.



Additional Photos



Meisterschaft equipped Audi TT RS on the dyno!


Just recently, we had a local customer reach out to us expressing an interest in our Meisterschaft exhaust system for his newly acquired Audi TT RS. The customer ended up bringing the car in for a baseline dyno test, and then the next time the car returned, it was equipped with hatless downpipes and a tune – putting down some impressive power.


We then topped it off with a our Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) exhaust system to fine tune the beautiful sounds produced by the turbo 5-cylinder engine, and to allow it to breathe as it should. With everything said and done, this Audi TT RS turned into an absolute rocket ship, putting down 328 AWHP and 368 WTQ!

Vlasak R. - Run Comparison TTRS

In the following couple of days, the customer took the car on a weekend retreat to Gingerman Raceway and was ecstatic with the performance and sound.

For more information about Meisterschaft exhaust systems for the Audi TT RS, please contact us at 1-866-278-1896 or e-mail sales@gthaus.com.

Check out the gallery below for additional photos of the Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) exhaust system:

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 on the Dyno


Your search for the perfect exhaust system ends here. Acting as a finely tuned instrument, the work of art that is the Meisterschaft Super GT is engineered to deliver pitch perfection from the Lamborghini Aventador. Providing a refined exotic sound that is exclusive to the Meisterschaft exhaust.


Dyno Results:




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