BMW F30 335i – Super GT Exhaust Systems

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The Meisterschaft Super GT Racing exhaust system for the F30 335i/xi offers pure performance, weight savings and produces a very consistent and clear exotic exhaust tone. All Super GT rear muffler sections are made using either 100% T304/T316 grade stainless steel or 100% premium titanium alloy.

“Weight” Comparison

Stock 76mm vs Meisterschaft 90mm in piping size

WEIGHT COMPARISONStock Exhaust (lbs) 76mm piSuper GT Racing (lbs) 90mm pi
Section 1 AR Pipe13.813.8
Section 2 SR Pipe9.49.0
Section 3 Rear Mufflers24.615.5
TOTAL (Sections 1+2+3)47.838.3

Even the pipe diameter is a lot larger (meaning more material) on the Meisterschaft unit, we were able to achieve “lighter” weight units by precision crafting and manufacturing. Plain and simple – it has “Bigger” piping but “less” weight.

Each and every bend of the Super GT rear muffler section was designed for a suitable fit and calculated to achieve maximum flow rate while creating the perfect amount of back pressure. Utilizing 90mm piping (largest piping in industry), from start to finish, this system will bring nothing but the best performance results and sound enhancements possible.

The Super GT comes standard with our SR (resonator delete) pipe in stainless steel. Our optional AR pipe connects from the down pipe to the connecting SR pipe and avoids cutting into the OE exhaust during installation. The combination of the Super GT rear muffler section, the SR pipe and the AR pipe creates a full primary cat-back exhaust system.


Tip Styles

Meisterschaft offers different tip sizes and styles for the Super GT Racing exhaust to suit each individual taste. The tips are also adjustable to provide the perfect fit.

2x102mm (Round Split) Dual Tips

Shown above: BMW F30 335i with Meisterschaft 2x102mm (Round Split) Dual Tips (SUS)
– perfect fitment, no cutting necessaryShown above: BMW F30 335i/xi Meisterschaft 2x102mm (Round Split) Super GT Racing (SUS)

4x90mm (Round Split) Quad Tips

Shown above: F30 335i with Meisterschaft 4x90mm (Round Split) Quad Tips (SUS)Shown above: BMW F30 335i/xi Meisterschaft 4x90mm (Round Split) Super GT Racing (SUS)

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