Introducing: Meisterschaft Exhaust Systems for the BMW F15 X5 50i!

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After a long reign, the E70 chassis has finally been retired and now BMW has introduced the all new fierce, yet elegant F15 X5. Being the gear heads that we are, we pursued the 50i M-Sport model to begin with as we could not wait to unleash the sound of the 4.4L Twin-Turbocharged V8.

Previously all of our systems for the E70 X5, among other industry standard exhaust systems had been axle-back only, this time we’ve done it differently. We sought after not only the most aggressive sound, but also performance. So, our all new Meisterschaft exhaust system for the F15 X5 is a full cat-back system which replaces the secondary catalytic converters, middle resonators, and rear muffler section. On top of removing all of the most restrictive components in the factory exhaust system, we also increased cat-back pipe diameter to dual 76mm in order to maximize exhaust flow, increasing performance as much as possible.

You can imagine that this new F15 X5 now paired with an all new Meisterschaft exhaust system sounds fantastic, which it does. But, as sporty as the X5 50i may be, it’s still not a sports car, it is a luxurious daily driver and a family car. So, we present the best of both worlds with the Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control):

Pictured: 4x102mm (Round Split) Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) (SUS) w/ Optional LSR Mid Pipe (SUS)  for the BMW F15 X5 50i


The above pictured full cat-back system for the new X5 defines the term ‘best of both worlds’ featuring an electronic valve system that allows you to control the volume of the exhaust system. In the closed position, the exhaust note is subtle, quiet, and contained. Once opened, the power is unleashed. The subtle and quiet exhaust note becomes aggressive and strongly pronounced, the sound of down-spooling turbochargers becomes present and over all it simply screams performance.

If staying subtle and under the radar is not in your itinerary, then we have a variant for you as well. The Meisterschaft GTS. The GTS offers the same powerful exhaust note and performance as the GTC in open mode. The only difference is the lack of valve control, the GTS is constantly on, constantly aggressive. Pictured below.


Pictured: 4x102mm (Round Split) Meisterschaft GTS (Ultimate Sport Performance) (SUS) w/ Optional LSR Mid Pipe (SUS) for the BMW F15 X5 50i


The optional cat-back LSR Mid Pipe which is pictured in the above photos of the GTC (EV Control) and GTS (Ultimate Sport Performance) completes the system. Not only does it maximize performance by removing restrictive OE components, but also provides for a full bolt-on installation, negating the need to cut your OE exhaust during install.

Pictured: Optional Cat-back LSR Mid Pipe (SUS)


Both the Meisterschaft GTS and GTC (EV Control) systems feature 4x102mm (Round Split) tips, this massive quad tip configuration completes the look of the car and is a perfect match to the aggressive tone leaving the rear end. Minimal modification to the bumper was required to fit the quad tip setup, however it is well worth the result:










Pictured: 4x102mm (Round Split) Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) (SUS) installed on BMW F15 X5 50i

This new F15 X5 was a pleasure to work with, and we are very excited with the way it turned out. Now it’s on to the next project, stay tuned!