Awesome power figures from our Lamborghini LP570-4, Meisterschaft Super GT equipped!

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Back in December, you saw the road video and listened to the phenomenal sound of our Lamborghini LP570 Performante, if not, click here to go to the previous blog post. Today, we proudly report that the bite does match the bark! With horsepower figures well into the 500’s and torque exceeding 400 ft/lbs, this Lambo can move!



The peak power gains recorded were +18WHP & +16WTQ, not bad.

On average however, thanks to the free-flowing design of our Meisterschaft Super GT exhaust system, average power gains measured were +30HP & +25TQ (ft/lbs) throughout the entire RPM range!


Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 Super GT OE Tip SUS_02


Max power output with our Meisterschaft Super GT exhaust installed was 531WHP & 402WTQ, check out the graph below!


lp570 comparison


Testing was done on our in-house AWD Mustang Dyno.




If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about Meisterschaft exhaust systems, please feel free contact us at any time by sending an e-mail to or calling us toll-free at 1-866-278-1896 from 8am-7pm central time.


Additional Photos: