All new Meisterschaft exhaust for the Porsche 911 Turbo S (991)

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Here it is, the first ever Meisterschaft exhaust system designed and developed for the 911 Turbo! We begin our endeavor into 911 Turbo exhaust development with the all new 991 chassis Turbo S.


We started off by gathering a baseline test of the 991 Turbo S on our in-house Mustang Dyno, finding some very respectable stock power figures: 457 horsepower and 454 torque at its four wheels. After baseline testing was done, it was time to begin disassembling the brand new beast so that we could study the imperfections of the factory system and make our improvements.


The Super GT


Our answer is the ultra lightweight Meisterschaft Super GT, sporting 4 of our 102mm signature round split tips to give the back end an aggressive and complete new look. Our Super GT system replaces the overweight and restrictive OE muffler system with a 76mm high-flow X-Pipe engineered to provide maximum performance, especially once paired with our optional catalytic bypass pipes.


The Results


With a monstrous torque gain of 57 ft/lbs, a horsepower gain of 17 hp, and a weight saving of 21 lbs, the Meisterschaft Super GT is an all around win. Not to mention the exhilarating sound of the twin-turbo flat-6 violently breathing through the new exhaust, and even occasionally letting out a flame or two! Turn the volume up and click play on the video below, listen for yourself!


Additional Photos