MUSA: Infiniti Q50S Red Sport 3.0T

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Here at GTHAUS, we are proud to release our full cat-back system for the brand new Infiniti Q50 Red Sport. The Q50 Red Sport embodies the sports sedan complex, with significant changes from its G37/G35 predecessor. With the Q50 generation bringing a new line of power plants, the Red Sport is the most powerful. As opposed to the G37/G35 naturally aspirated 3.5L/3.7L VQ engines, the VR in the Red Sport opts for lower displacement in favor of forced induction via twin turbochargers. This allows the new VR engine to produce 400 Horsepower and 350 ft/lb of Torque with a remarkably consistent Torque band. On our in-house Mustang Dyno, the Red Sport achieved 338 Horsepower and 330 ft/lb of Torque.


After running these stock numbers, we got to work engineering an improved exhaust system for the Red Sport. After careful examination of the stock system, we found significant bottlenecks that were having a significant effect on flow. The piping was diameter was far smaller and thus more restrictive than it should have been, and the mufflers were incredibly restrictive as well to overall flow. Our goal was thus to improve the sound of the system with the signature Musa series sound, while also improving the overall flow to evacuate heat more effectively and increase overall power production. The full system is divided into three parts; the rear muffler section, mid-pipe section, and front Y-pipe collector.


Each part can be produced in either stainless steel for day to day use, or titanium for the hardcore track build. Both offer significant weight reduction compared to the stock system. We decided to go with two offerings for exhaust tips, in similar fashion to the G37 systems prior. The two styles are 2x120x80mm ovals, and 2x102mm round tips. Installation of the system is a very simple process, due to meticulous construction of the system and superior build quality.


Upon construction and installation of our all new Red Sport system, we were excited to get it back on the dyno and see what kind of power gains we had made. With impressive increases of 15 Horsepower and 19 ft/lbs of Torque over the stock system, we were ecstatic with the results. Along with the power increases, we felt a noticeable increase in throttle responsiveness, as well as the signature MUSA series sound we all crave. Turn your speakers up and enjoy!!!

For more information on this system or any other, please email us at or call us at 866-278-1896.