MUSA: Infiniti Q50S Red Sport 3.0T


Here at GTHAUS, we are proud to release our full cat-back system for the brand new Infiniti Q50 Red Sport. The Q50 Red Sport embodies the sports sedan complex, with significant changes from its G37/G35 predecessor. With the Q50 generation bringing a new line of power plants, the Red Sport is the most powerful. As opposed to the G37/G35 naturally aspirated 3.5L/3.7L VQ engines, the VR in the Red Sport opts for lower displacement in favor of forced induction via twin turbochargers. This allows the new VR engine to produce 400 Horsepower and 350 ft/lb of Torque with a remarkably consistent Torque band. On our in-house Mustang Dyno, the Red Sport achieved 338 Horsepower and 330 ft/lb of Torque.


After running these stock numbers, we got to work engineering an improved exhaust system for the Red Sport. After careful examination of the stock system, we found significant bottlenecks that were having a significant effect on flow. The piping was diameter was far smaller and thus more restrictive than it should have been, and the mufflers were incredibly restrictive as well to overall flow. Our goal was thus to improve the sound of the system with the signature Musa series sound, while also improving the overall flow to evacuate heat more effectively and increase overall power production. The full system is divided into three parts; the rear muffler section, mid-pipe section, and front Y-pipe collector.


Each part can be produced in either stainless steel for day to day use, or titanium for the hardcore track build. Both offer significant weight reduction compared to the stock system. We decided to go with two offerings for exhaust tips, in similar fashion to the G37 systems prior. The two styles are 2x120x80mm ovals, and 2x102mm round tips. Installation of the system is a very simple process, due to meticulous construction of the system and superior build quality.


Upon construction and installation of our all new Red Sport system, we were excited to get it back on the dyno and see what kind of power gains we had made. With impressive increases of 15 Horsepower and 19 ft/lbs of Torque over the stock system, we were ecstatic with the results. Along with the power increases, we felt a noticeable increase in throttle responsiveness, as well as the signature MUSA series sound we all crave. Turn your speakers up and enjoy!!!

For more information on this system or any other, please email us at or call us at 866-278-1896.

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Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 by GTHAUS


The Lamborghini name is one of the most iconic in automotive history, and the LP610-4 Huracan holds true to that title. Serving as the successor to the best selling Lamborghini ever, the Gallardo, the Huracan had big shoes to fill. It was the second we received, so by then we were familiar with the performance it brings. It checks off all the typical Lamborghini criteria easily- amazing looks, exceptional agility, and an outrageously powerful stock engine.

Driving the Huracan was an empowering experience. The Galdlardo was a great vehicle to drive, as it shared BMW mantra and feeling of the Ultimate Driving Machine- it felt like a natural extension of the body, like an arm or a leg. The Huracan shared this connected experience, however it was like as if a cybernetic enhancement was added. The interior was like any other Lamborghini, designed like a nimble fighter jet to be efficient, agile, and light.  Despite this, it was still a surprisingly comfortable car to drive- we took it into the crowded, hectic streets of Chicago numerous times without an issue.

While the Huracan was a great supercar from the factory, there was still plenty to improve on. Being our second Huracan, we were ready to push the envelope to make it one of the most unique packages we’ve ever created.

The redesign of the exhaust system was of course, the most extensive and awe inspiring changes we made. Lamborghini exhausts are always unique to create, due to the nature of them being mid-engine super cars. The lack of pipe distance means that passive heat transfer does not occur prior to the exhaust leaving the vehicle. As a result, we took extra time to analyze the heat transfer characteristics to ensure that the engine bay stays cool as possible under throttle, while still maintaining maximum flow using 63mm and 76mm piping. Increasing the flow means that the scavenging capabilities were vastly improved, giving significant power improvements along with the unmistakable, premium, Meisterschaft sound. Our dyno results showed an increase of 20 Horsepower and 14 ft/lbs of torque through the entire rev band.

The specific exhaust designed for this model was our signature GTC (EV Control) unit, actuated via the OEM drive mode controls. This means that the exhaust had two modes- one with the loud, powerful sound that you can expect from Meisterschaft while the valves are open- and the other a quieter, more passive sound for when that noise isn’t necessary. The system itself is a work of art, constructed from T-304 Stainless Steel (or Titanium) with meticulously crafted TIG welds. We replaced the OEM tips with the Meisterschaft dual wall LeMans style tips, (2x(120+102)mm Round Split) which were a better aesthetic fit for the aggressive angles of the Huracan’s rear bumper. It’s a dramatic change, cleaning up the looks of the rear end significantly.

Not only did we want the Huracan to sound great, we also wanted it to look great. The first phase of that was designing a beautiful set of wheels. The result was the Meisterschaft GT-1 Forged Duo Block with a Brushed Red finish. The front size we kept the same at 20×8.5”, but we increased the size of the rear wheels to 21×12” from 20×11” to give a slight increase in traction to further enhance the handling capacity of the vehicle. The look of these wheels was in a word, unique- one of the most interesting color combinations we’ve seen with the matte-black bodywork that really makes it standout from the crowd.

The final improvement we made was with the creation of a set of GTHAUS RAD-Dynamics Lowering Springs. These really improve the appearance of the car, maintaining functionality while giving it that mean look you would expect out of an exotic Lamborghini. It was lowered 1.5” in the front and 1.0” in the rear. While this might seem like a modest height to lower the Huracan, it provides a far more stable feel to the vehicle due to the lower center of gravity.

Our second Lamborghini Huracan turned out to be a huge success with all these parts put together. The car looked incredible, sounded incredible, and was far faster than the stock variant. This was as a result of our package of a GTC (EV Control) exhaust system, Meisterschaft GT-1 Forged Duo Block wheels, and GTHAUS RAD-Dynamics Lowering Springs. All installation was done at our in-house shop, Dream Werke.

Meisterschaft GTC and Super GT exhaust systems are available to order now. If any questions you have about this exhaust system were unanswered, please feel free to contact or give us a call toll free at 1-866-278-1896 (Direct: 1-630-787-1600).

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BMW F86 X6M: Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) Exhaust


We’ve recently completed the Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) exhaust system for the latest BMW X6M, the F86. The familiar S63 engine in the new F85 and F86 X6M gave us a great basis to start with when developing this new Meisterschaft exhaust. All in all, we are ecstatic about the style, sound, and performance this new exhaust system has to offer.


In addition to the axle-back GTC (EV Control) exhaust system, we’ve gone ahead and developed cat-less down pipes for the diehard power chasers.




Revving up the X6M with Meisterschaft GTC

In the video below, we rev up our Meisterschaft equipped BMW X6M through various RPM ranges in both open and closed mode to demonstrate the versatility of the Meisterschaft GTC exhaust system.

Putting the Meisterschaft to the test.

After putting our X6M to the test, we found that the Meisterschaft turbo-back exhaust system has given the car a very solid gain in horsepower, and especially torque. Our measured results were +32 wheel horsepower and +70 ft/lbs of torque.

All new Meisterschaft exhaust for the Porsche 911 Turbo S (991)

Here it is, the first ever Meisterschaft exhaust system designed and developed for the 911 Turbo! We begin our endeavor into 911 Turbo exhaust development with the all new 991 chassis Turbo S.


We started off by gathering a baseline test of the 991 Turbo S on our in-house Mustang Dyno, finding some very respectable stock power figures: 457 horsepower and 454 torque at its four wheels. After baseline testing was done, it was time to begin disassembling the brand new beast so that we could study the imperfections of the factory system and make our improvements.


The Super GT


Our answer is the ultra lightweight Meisterschaft Super GT, sporting 4 of our 102mm signature round split tips to give the back end an aggressive and complete new look. Our Super GT system replaces the overweight and restrictive OE muffler system with a 76mm high-flow X-Pipe engineered to provide maximum performance, especially once paired with our optional catalytic bypass pipes.


The Results


With a monstrous torque gain of 57 ft/lbs, a horsepower gain of 17 hp, and a weight saving of 21 lbs, the Meisterschaft Super GT is an all around win. Not to mention the exhilarating sound of the twin-turbo flat-6 violently breathing through the new exhaust, and even occasionally letting out a flame or two! Turn the volume up and click play on the video below, listen for yourself!


Additional Photos

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707… We knew from the beginning that we’d have some fun working with the mighty Challenger Hellcat, but we just didn’t know how much… First impressions: wow. Power is definitely an understatement for this one. The face-melting acceleration of the Hellcat will change your definition of “fast car.”

We began prototyping the Roar Racing Super GT, a non-valved, no-nonsense, purists performance exhaust system. The full system features a dual 3″ X-Pipe which leads into a pair of Roar Racing mufflers specifically engineered for HEMI engines in order to provide maximum performance gains. The exhaust exits the rear of the car through our double-walled LeMans style quad tips. All of this hand built from T-304 grade polished stainless steel. Picture below:




The result of all of this is a tremendous improvement in power over the Hellcats original, restrictive exhaust system, as well an extremely aggressive sound that one of our Instagram followers described as “when your speakers can’t even create the actual sound because too much muscle.”

Numbers wise, this Hellcat will now be tearing up the asphalt with a newly found 29 horsepower and 35 ft/lbs of torque, at the wheels! Enough reading for now though, turn your speakers up and enjoy the video!



Additional Photos

Lexus RCF and the MUSA Series


Our MUSA series by GTHAUS has been in the works for some time now, a project that has been kept silent while we patiently waited for a unique vehicle to head its debut. The 467-horsepower, V8-driven RC-F by Lexus was the answer.

Once directing our focus onto the RC-F, we set out to create the wildest, best performing, and most beautiful exhaust system on the market. Composed of a pair of E.V. controlled rear mufflers, and optional mid LSR pipe section, we believe to have achieved just that.

Pictured below is the GTC (EV Control) variant which we’ve installed on the car in the videos. This system is equipped with our 4x120x80mm oval exhaust tips (4x102mm round is also an available option). If you take a closer look at the mid LSR pipe, you will notice the velocity chamber in the center. This velocity chamber highly increases the flow of exhaust gases, much more than any traditional X-Pipe would.

IMG_0948 copy


From the factory, the largest downfall of the RC-F were its power-robbing secondary catalytic converters and inadequate diameter piping channeled into its highly restrictive rear mufflers – all of which we’ve taken care of. Our GTC (EV Controlled) rear muffler section, paired with our optional mid LSR Pipe (with velocity chamber) unleashed the full capability of the new Lexus, showing improvements of 46 wheel horsepower and 19 wheel torque (ft/lbs) on our Mustang dyno!




Installed Shots

For demonstration purposes, the left side of this vehicle is equipped with our 4x120x80mm oval tips, and right side has been fitted with 4x102mm round tips.



Additional Photos



Meisterschaft equipped Audi TT RS on the dyno!


Just recently, we had a local customer reach out to us expressing an interest in our Meisterschaft exhaust system for his newly acquired Audi TT RS. The customer ended up bringing the car in for a baseline dyno test, and then the next time the car returned, it was equipped with hatless downpipes and a tune – putting down some impressive power.


We then topped it off with a our Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) exhaust system to fine tune the beautiful sounds produced by the turbo 5-cylinder engine, and to allow it to breathe as it should. With everything said and done, this Audi TT RS turned into an absolute rocket ship, putting down 328 AWHP and 368 WTQ!

Vlasak R. - Run Comparison TTRS

In the following couple of days, the customer took the car on a weekend retreat to Gingerman Raceway and was ecstatic with the performance and sound.

For more information about Meisterschaft exhaust systems for the Audi TT RS, please contact us at 1-866-278-1896 or e-mail

Check out the gallery below for additional photos of the Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) exhaust system:

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 on the Dyno


Your search for the perfect exhaust system ends here. Acting as a finely tuned instrument, the work of art that is the Meisterschaft Super GT is engineered to deliver pitch perfection from the Lamborghini Aventador. Providing a refined exotic sound that is exclusive to the Meisterschaft exhaust.


Dyno Results:




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Dyno-testing Meisterschaft for the ALL NEW BMW F85 X5M!



After waiting, and waiting… And waiting some more… We finally got our hands on the latest, biggest, baddest BMW M. The all new F85 X5M to be exact.


Before putting the super SUV under the knife, we grabbed some baseline power figures on our AWD Mustang Dyno. Throwing down 460 wheel horsepower and 453 wheel torque (ft/lbs), the new M SUV is as fast on paper as it feels out on the road!


Enter: Meisterschaft.


Unlike the X5 50i, the M does not sport any restrictive secondary catalytic converters or excessively large and sound inhibiting resonators in its middle section. Thus it was decided that an axle-back setup would get the job done perfectly and also make for a simple installation!

This new Meisterschaft exhaust is offered in two familiar flavors: GTS and GTC.

Below is the GTC configuration. This system features our electronically controlled variable chambers that allow you to adjust the volume of the exhaust system, covering every sound from mild to wild!



If having the option to be discrete and under the radar is not something you’re in to, then there’s the GTS. The GTS produces an aggressive sound that is perfectly suited for the new X5M. Not over the top, but just right.




Meisterschaft on the Dyno

Equipped with our Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) exhaust, and dyno-tested in open (performance mode), the X5M put down an impressive 472whp and 475wtq, putting our max gains with the new Meisterschaft exhaust at +12whp and +27wtq! We’ll take it!




As always, if you have any questions or concerns regarding Meisterschaft exhaust products for this X5M, or any other vehicle, please feel free to contact us at anytime!


Additional Photos


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Designed with luxury in mind. Meisterschaft for the 2015+ S-Class AMG Coupe





Our Meisterschaft exhaust systems for the new S-Class AMG Coupe are available in two variations: The Meisterschaft GTS and GTC.

Below is the Meisterschaft GTC. Designed with luxury in mind, our Meisterschaft GTC exhaust system gives YOU the control. Featuring our electronically controlled variable chambers (E.C.V.C), the GTC delivers the best of both worlds. Wild when you want it, luxury when you don’t.

In Open (performance) mode, we are able to bring out the true characteristics of the Bi-Turbo European V8, providing breathtakingly aggressive revs with ample turbo whistle on the down-spool. The sound is perfection. Switch it to closed mode and the luxury is instantly back. Providing a drone-free, comfortable ride, just as you would expect from a stock Mercedes-Benz S-Class.




If valve control isn’t for you, we’ve got you covered. Pictured below, the Meisterschaft GTS provides ultimate performance and sound, at all times.




Looking for even more? Pair up the Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) or GTS (Ultimate Performance) with our optional cat-back SR mid-section for the ultimate sound and performance. For added convenience, this optional section provides a direct bolt-on installation, removing the need to cut your OEM exhaust. The cat-back SR mid-section deletes the factory middle resonators and increases the cat-back pipe diameter to 76mm, increasing flow and ultimately adding performance.





We observed a solid bump in both horsepower and torque throughout the entire curve, peaking at +7 hp and +20 torque — a nice improvement over the factory exhaust system while providing our aggressive, Meisterschaft signature sound and maintaining a drone-free cabin!



S63 AMG Coupe Dyno_549


If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about Meisterschaft exhaust systems, please feel free contact us at any time by sending an e-mail to or calling us toll-free at 1-866-278-1896 from 8am-7pm central time.


Additional Photos:


Awesome power figures from our Lamborghini LP570-4, Meisterschaft Super GT equipped!



Back in December, you saw the road video and listened to the phenomenal sound of our Lamborghini LP570 Performante, if not, click here to go to the previous blog post. Today, we proudly report that the bite does match the bark! With horsepower figures well into the 500’s and torque exceeding 400 ft/lbs, this Lambo can move!



The peak power gains recorded were +18WHP & +16WTQ, not bad.

On average however, thanks to the free-flowing design of our Meisterschaft Super GT exhaust system, average power gains measured were +30HP & +25TQ (ft/lbs) throughout the entire RPM range!


Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 Super GT OE Tip SUS_02


Max power output with our Meisterschaft Super GT exhaust installed was 531WHP & 402WTQ, check out the graph below!


lp570 comparison


Testing was done on our in-house AWD Mustang Dyno.




If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about Meisterschaft exhaust systems, please feel free contact us at any time by sending an e-mail to or calling us toll-free at 1-866-278-1896 from 8am-7pm central time.


Additional Photos:

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Our F80 M3 hits the dyno!


We put our BMW F80 M3 to the test and were ecstatic about the results!

Equipped with a Meisterschaft full turbo back configuration including catless downpipes, single 90mm cat-back LX pipe, and TITANIUM GT Racing rear muffler section, the car put down phenomenal numbers on our Mustang Dyno. No flashes or piggyback tunes were used, the cars software was 100% stock.



F80 444

Lamborghini Huracan puts down great power with Meisterschaft Super GT exhaust!


Lamborghini’s new LP610 Huracan is one awesome car. It looks great, it’s agile, it’s fast, and it even sounds mean from the factory. Thus, we made it our mission to make the new bull look better, sound better, and perform… you guessed it! Better.



The first thing you’re likely to notice on a Meisterschaft equipped Lamborghini Huracan is the tips. Our signature vertical splits have been integrated into the exhaust system to give the rear end a more aggressive look, and to signify a Meisterschaft exhaust.

The OEM tips have also been replaced with Meisterschaft’s double wall LeMans style tips, perfectly fitted and matched to the aggressive angles of the Huracan’s rear bumper. The new look is stunning.


The Meisterschaft Super GT exhaust system is constructed from T-304 grade stainless steel (also available in Titanium), combining 63mm and 76mm piping to increase the flow but also retain just the right amount of back-pressure to return solid gains across the entire rev range.

Dyno results show peak gains at 15 horsepower and 13 ft/lbs of torque, but more importantly average gains of 20 horsepower and 14 ft/lbs of torque throughout the entire pull! We couldn’t be happier with the results!

Meisterschaft Super GT exhaust systems are available for pre-order now. If any questions you have about this exhaust system were unanswered, please feel free to contact or give us a call toll free at 1-866-278-1896 (Direct: 1-630-787-1600).





Meisterschaft for the new BMW X5 35i!

With the new X5 release from BMW, we immediately jumped on the 50i M-Sport due to the twin turbo V8 laying under its hood! With that done, we’ve shifted our focus to the more practical X5 35i, housing BMW’s brilliant N55 engine (3.0L I6 Turbo).

We like the N55. We like it’s liveliness and its substantial power output. More importantly though, we love the sound it produces when paired with the right exhaust! So, we brought the right exhaust into existence.

Held to a standard of perfection, the Meisterschaft exhaust system is constructed using T-304 grade stainless steel and is TIG welded completely by hand.


As the X5 is more commonly a daily driver than anything else, we had to accommodate both luxury and sportiness – resulting in two main variations of exhaust which are well known under the Meisterschaft brand: GTS and GTC.


The Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) is the easy choice here as it delivers the best of both worlds: luxury & sport performance. Our electronically controlled variable chamber (E.C.V.C) technology allows us to replicate the stock exhaust sound in closed mode, which is subtle and quiet but has faint sporty tone when you really get on the throttle. In open mode however, it is smooth, sporty & aggressive.


We also offer the Meisterschaft GTS, the GTS is more conventional and produces an aggressive note 100% of the time, not featuring a valve control function.

The unit we’re introducing now features 2x102mm Round Split tips on both GTS & GTC variations. The 102mm, or 4-inch, exhaust tips fit freely into the rear bumpers exhaust openings with a perfect gap all the way around.



We are also currently working on a 4x102mm Round Split version, for those who are looking for a very aggressive look at the back of their car. The 4x102mm will be introduced at a later date.

With our Meisterschaft axle-back installed, the car peaked at 250 horsepower on our all-wheel-drive mustang dyno, this was achieved with the GTC (EV Control) unit in the open position, making a total peak power gain of ~20HP and ~23ft/lbs of torque. In the closed position we saw 228HP and 236ft/lbs. So if it’s performance you’re after, open up that valve!

All in all we are very happy with the results of this new X5 35i. It sounded great and made excellent power once equipped with a Meisterschaft exhaust!


x5 dyno


Video Release! Lamborghini LP570 Performante with Meisterschaft SUPER GT exhaust system!

As the title says, here is our latest video!

This is our very own Lamborghini LP570 Performante, equipped with our ultimate exhaust system: The Meisterschaft Super GT.

This Meisterschaft exhaust system was engineered purely for performance enthusiasts. The canister-less design of our Super GT exhaust system provides maximum flow resulting in hefty horsepower gains in the high end.

For more information on this exhaust system, or exhaust systems for any other vehicle, please feel free to contact us at 1-866-278-1896 or e-mail us at! Enjoy the video!


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GTHAUS at the SEMA Show 2014


This year at the SEMA Show, Meisterschaft was everywhere! From our own displays to clients cars and more. In this post we will share with you some of Meisterschaft and Roar Racing equipped cars we caught at 2014 SEMA Show.

In the above photo, at the Nexen Tire booth was our very own BMW F80 M3. In-depth details of the build can be found in our previous blog post titled ‘The Road to SEMA 2014’, however the vehicle featured a full chrome wrap, Meisterschaft Titanium GT2 Package exhaust system, and a set of 20″ forged duo-block wheels – an original design by GTHAUS.

Our brand new 2015 S63 AMG Coupe had also made the long journey from Chicago and was displayed at the Savini Wheels booth in the south hall alongside several other Meisterschaft equipped cars.


The latest addition to our American Roar Racing line, the muscle division of GTHAUS, was our GTC (EV  Control) exhaust system for the brand new C7 Corvette, displayed beautifully on the wide body project below by Prestige Marketing and Savini Wheels.


Impressive Wrap, a prestigious wrapping company based out of California built this M4. It is one of the first BMW M4’s to be fitted with a Liberty Walk wide body kit and was topped off with our Meisterschaft exhaust system!


Lastly, at the Savini booth, was an old friend almost unrecognizable. Here is a shot of our former BMW E92 M3 Widebody, completely re-worked by Prestige Marketing but still running our Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) exhaust system!


Venturing out of the south hall, along the apron of the building was a G55 AMG that was built by Auto Tech Interiors that ran our Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) with our signature Hexa-Tip setup!

Check out the gallery down below for some additional photos!



SEMA 2014 turned out to be a great time. We’d like to thank all of our dealers and fans that dropped by to say hello during the show and we hope to see you next year!




The Road to SEMA 2014


We had a great time this year at the SEMA show and we hope you did as well, it is with somewhat of a relief that we can say SEMA 2014 is over! After several long weeks and late nights spent at the shop we completed our show cars within some ‘Mission: Impossible’ type deadlines.

From home, this time around, we brought two of our own: a brand new BMW F80 M3 dressed in black chrome which would be displayed at the Nexen Tire booth, and the all new S63 AMG Coupe from Mercedes-Benz which would be shown off by Savini Wheels in the south hall.


The F80 M3

Being a SEMA car, we had to outfit our M3 with only the best. We went with our full Titanium Meisterschaft GT2 Package exhaust system at the rear, with our complete turbo-back 3” cat-less downpipes, and optional single 90mm LX pipe, the end result was incredible!



We then fitted the M3 with our very first, very own wheel. Featuring forged aluminum duo-block construction, we are able to achieve aggressive concave without sacrificing structural integrity. Additionally, the bolt pattern has been placed on the spokes themselves, eliminating any excess weight.



Finally we had to make her shine. We went with a full black chrome wrap. This was a timely process, but turned out beautiful and was completely worthwhile in the end!




The S63 AMG Coupe

We received our brand new 2015 S63 AMG Coupe just 1 day prior to loading. Working around the clock, we gave the new car a full detail, completed the graphics, and fabricated a completely custom exhaust setup to roll into the SEMA show with.




Once the cars were completed, loading them onto the transport trailer and seeing them off was a great feeling, we made it!







Luxury First: Meisterschaft for the new generation S-Class




The new S-Class from Mercedes-Benz is beautifully styled, luxurious, and features some of the most advanced technology we’ve seen in a car to this date, but it lacks one detail: sound. Fortunately we have a solution: Meisterschaft.

Well, it is a luxury car, yes, but it is also quite sporty with that 4.6L turbo V8, no? We thought so.

When developing the Meisterschaft exhaust system for new S-Class sedan we kept luxury in mind, because at the end of the day it is after-all a Mercedes-Benz flagship luxury car. Thus, we developed 2 systems for the new car: the Meisterschaft GTC featuring electronic valve control, and the Meisterschaft GTS for those who enjoy an aggressive sound all the time.


Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control)




The Meisterschaft GTC exhaust system features our E.C.V.C (Electronically Controlled Variable Chamber) technology, allowing the driver to control the volume of the exhaust system. Our E.C.V.C technology allows us to keep the luxury and comfort aspects of the new S-Class intact, while adding the option to have a sporty and aggressive exhaust note at the flip of a switch.


Meisterschaft GTS




We understand that not everyone needs nor wants an exhaust system with valve control; they simply want a nice aggressive tone all the time. This is where the Meisterschaft GTS comes into play. The GTS system features the same aggressive tone and performance offered by the GTC in open position, all the time. And to some, this is all you really need.


Optional Cat-Back SR Pipes




For those of you looking for more, looking for the ultimate performance and sound, we offer these. These are our full cat-back optional SR pipes for the new S-Class. These remove the restrictive middle resonator section and also increase the pipe size to 76mm for maximized flow, enhancing both sound and performance.




We are very happy with the end result of this new generation S-Class. From a sound that was never there in the first place, the Meisterschaft exhaust gave it a deep, throaty exhaust note where the turbos can be heard loud and clear and can be made silent again with the flip of a switch. Check out the additional photos in the gallery below and our latest YouTube video car up top! Enjoy!


Introducing: Meisterschaft Exhaust Systems for the BMW F15 X5 50i!




After a long reign, the E70 chassis has finally been retired and now BMW has introduced the all new fierce, yet elegant F15 X5. Being the gear heads that we are, we pursued the 50i M-Sport model to begin with as we could not wait to unleash the sound of the 4.4L Twin-Turbocharged V8.

Previously all of our systems for the E70 X5, among other industry standard exhaust systems had been axle-back only, this time we’ve done it differently. We sought after not only the most aggressive sound, but also performance. So, our all new Meisterschaft exhaust system for the F15 X5 is a full cat-back system which replaces the secondary catalytic converters, middle resonators, and rear muffler section. On top of removing all of the most restrictive components in the factory exhaust system, we also increased cat-back pipe diameter to dual 76mm in order to maximize exhaust flow, increasing performance as much as possible.

You can imagine that this new F15 X5 now paired with an all new Meisterschaft exhaust system sounds fantastic, which it does. But, as sporty as the X5 50i may be, it’s still not a sports car, it is a luxurious daily driver and a family car. So, we present the best of both worlds with the Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control):

Pictured: 4x102mm (Round Split) Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) (SUS) w/ Optional LSR Mid Pipe (SUS)  for the BMW F15 X5 50i


The above pictured full cat-back system for the new X5 defines the term ‘best of both worlds’ featuring an electronic valve system that allows you to control the volume of the exhaust system. In the closed position, the exhaust note is subtle, quiet, and contained. Once opened, the power is unleashed. The subtle and quiet exhaust note becomes aggressive and strongly pronounced, the sound of down-spooling turbochargers becomes present and over all it simply screams performance.

If staying subtle and under the radar is not in your itinerary, then we have a variant for you as well. The Meisterschaft GTS. The GTS offers the same powerful exhaust note and performance as the GTC in open mode. The only difference is the lack of valve control, the GTS is constantly on, constantly aggressive. Pictured below.


Pictured: 4x102mm (Round Split) Meisterschaft GTS (Ultimate Sport Performance) (SUS) w/ Optional LSR Mid Pipe (SUS) for the BMW F15 X5 50i


The optional cat-back LSR Mid Pipe which is pictured in the above photos of the GTC (EV Control) and GTS (Ultimate Sport Performance) completes the system. Not only does it maximize performance by removing restrictive OE components, but also provides for a full bolt-on installation, negating the need to cut your OE exhaust during install.

Pictured: Optional Cat-back LSR Mid Pipe (SUS)


Both the Meisterschaft GTS and GTC (EV Control) systems feature 4x102mm (Round Split) tips, this massive quad tip configuration completes the look of the car and is a perfect match to the aggressive tone leaving the rear end. Minimal modification to the bumper was required to fit the quad tip setup, however it is well worth the result:










Pictured: 4x102mm (Round Split) Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) (SUS) installed on BMW F15 X5 50i

This new F15 X5 was a pleasure to work with, and we are very excited with the way it turned out. Now it’s on to the next project, stay tuned!





F80 M3 and F82 M4 Part II: Meisterschaft GT Racing and GT2 Performance Package


In our last post, when we released the Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) for the all new BMW M3 and M4, we mentioned there was more to come… Well, here it is. The second installment of Meisterschaft exhaust products for the latest BMW M!

We understand that a valve controlled exhaust is not ideal for everyone, this is why we are bringing more to the table. Following in the footsteps of the E9x M3, the familiar GT and GT2 will live on, now with an all new modular design for the F8x M3 and M4.

Let’s begin with the GT Racing.


IMG_4622 final
Pictured: Meisterschaft GT Racing (SUS) with 4x102mm Round Split Tips


Our all new GT Racing system for the F8x M3 and M4 is designed to provide the ultimate street performance for your vehicle. Increased from the OE 63mm piping, our GT Racing unit features 76mm inlet piping that continues on into our dual velocity chamber design. Our velocity chambers have been engineered to maximize flow by accelerating the exiting exhaust gases, thus relieving back-pressure and resulting in higher power-output from the twin-turbocharged motor.

The exhaust note produced by the GT Racing is simply wonderful. Featuring a perfectly balanced sound spectrum from the lows to the highs the note of the GT Racing is pronounced, smooth, and aggressive.

Over the years, the M3 has been a widely popular track day car. As such, we kept track enthusiasts in mind while developing this new system. Here is where the GT2 Performance Package comes into play. When you order a Meisterschaft GT2 Package for your M3 or M4 you will receive a complete GT Racing exhaust system as pictured above, and in addition to the GT Racing system, you will receive a Super GT Performance X-Pipe section which serves as bolt-in substitute to the muffler canister on our rear section and is great for track and high performance driving events.


IMG_4834 final
Pictured: Meisterschaft Super GT Performance X-Pipe for the F8x M3/M4 GT/GT2 Performance Package (Included SR Pipes are not pictured)


IMG_4694 final
Pictured: Meisterschaft Super GT Performance X-Pipe installed on the GT Racing system. (Included SR Pipes are not pictured)


The Super GT Peformance X-Pipe not only increases high-end power output but also serves as a sprung weight reduction, making it perfect for track day use! This simple bolt-in design allows the two parts to be interchanged in a matter of 10-15 minutes.

As you may imagine, the Super GT Performance X-Pipe does have an impact on the sound. The effect is an exotic, higher pitch, aggressive and furthermore intoxicating sound!

Both our GT Racing and GT2 Performance Package come standard with our 76mm SR Connecting Pipes. These allow for simple cut and slip-on installation. No welding is required.


IMG_3936 final
Pictured: Meisterschaft 76mm SR Connecting Pipes for the BMW F8x M3/M4 (Included with every unit!)


For the diehard enthusiasts, our GT and GT2 Performance package rear muffler systems can also be mated with our optional cat-back LX pipes and turbo-back Downpipes mentioned in our original post which can be found here:


Optional Components


IMG_4004 final
Pictured: Meisterschaft Dual 65mm L.X. Pipes w/ Velocity Box (Optimized for horsepower gain)


Pictured: Meisterschaft Single 90mm L.X. Pipe w/ Velocity Box (Optimized for torque gain)


IMG_4611 final
Pictured: Meisterschaft Cat-less Downpipes for the BMW F8x M3/M4


Additional Photos


GT Racing


GT2 Performance Package (with Super GT X-Pipe Installed)

Now Introducing: Meisterschaft GTC for the new BMW M3/M4!




In 2008 when the BMW E92 M3 was first released, we developed the Meisterschaft GT and GT2 exhaust systems which became vastly popular due to their absolutely intoxicating sound and undeniable performance. Two years later, when the newly released Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) systems began gaining popularity, we received numerous requests to develop a Meisterschaft GTC exhaust system for the beloved V8-powered E9x M3. Thus, we went back to the drawing board and created a system which was perfect for the daily driver. In open mode, the GTC system brought out an absolutely wild, exotic, and aggressive exhaust note with unquestionable performance from the 4.0L V8. In closed mode however, that aggressive sound would become tame and docile, but would still sing a beautiful exotic song to let you know that it was a Meisterschaft.

Now, 2014, the E9x chassis is no more, and the F80/82 M3 and M4 are here. So, it’s time to show our cards!

For the first time in history, BMW has placed a forced-induction motor into an M3, and also now, they have named the 2-door version of the car, the M4. But, with the number of doors and naming put aside, we set our focus on the sound of the brand new 3.0L twin-turbocharged S55 engine. We found the OE exhaust from BMW to be quite clever, and interestingly enough, it featured electronic valve control similar to our GTC systems we had been producing for the past several years. Clever as it may be, this did not mean we could not improve on it, which we did. A lot.

Achieving the aggressive exhaust sound, as well as the performance that we were looking for out of the new M3 and M4 was not an easy feat. Countless hours, late nights, and many prototypes along the way is what it took to get us to our three exceptional designs, each engineered to perfection for the true automotive enthusiast.

Today, with more to come, we bring you the flagship model. The Meisterschaft GTC, featuring 100% manually operated electronic valve control to provide the most convenience to the user. Aggressive when YOU want it, quiet when you dont.

IMG_3936 final
Pictured: 4x102mm Round Split Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) [Incl. SR Pipes] (SUS) for the F80 M3 and F82 M4

Our electronically controlled valve system on the Meisterschaft GTC gives you the best of both worlds. With the valves in the closed position, the GTC system produces a sound that is comparable to factory, convenient for your daily commute or any other situation where you find yourself needing to ‘quiet down’ your exhaust. Open the valves and the fun begins. In performance (open) mode, the Meisterschaft GTC brings out the sound and performance of a true M car: aggressive, exotic, perfection.

Featuring dual 76mm (3-inch) inlet piping, our Meisterschaft GTC optimizes flow in performance/open mode to bring the most out of the twin turbocharged 6-cylinder. This unit is available with either our 4x90mm or 4x102mm Round Split Meisterchaft signature tips.


IMG_3927 final
Pictured: 4x102mm Round Split Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) [Incl. SR Pipes] (SUS) for the F80 M3 and F82 M4

Looking for more? These are our optional full cat-back Meisterschaft Dual L.X. Pipes. This set of cat-back piping features dual 65mm cat-back piping into our high-flow velocity chamber and back out to dual 76mm piping for a direct connection to our SR pipes and rear muffler section resulting in a full bolt-on installation. Additionally, our Dual L.X. Pipe section is optimized for horsepower gain. In the near future you can also expect to see a single version of our L.X. pipe – featuring enlarged piping diameter and optimization for torque gain.

IMG_4004 final

Pictured: Meisterschaft Section 1 Dual L.X. Pipes [with Velocity Box] (SUS) for the F80 M3 and F82 M4

For the real enthusiasts looking squeeze the absolute most power out of their vehicles, we bring you these, Meisterschaft Cat-less Downpipes. These remove the primary catalytic converters allowing the turbos to breathe freely and work more efficiently, resulting in significantly increased power. Pair these cat-less downpipes with our full cat-back Meisterschaft exhaust and a tune of your choice, sky is the limit!


IMG_4611 final
Pictured: Meisterschaft Cat-less Downpipe Section (SUS) for the F80 M3 and F82 M4

All in all, we found the new F80 M3 to be an amazing machine and we thoroughly enjoyed this development process. Make sure to be on the lookout for a secondary product release next week as there is more to come for the F80 M3 and F82 M4 from Meisterschaft!