Volkswagen MK6 GTI Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) Turbo-back Exhaust System

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We saw the GTI as a very fun and sporty hot hatch, but also as a very practical daily vehicle, and so we decided to offer both  our GTS and GTC (EV Control) exhaust systems for the GTI. Demonstrated in the video is the Meisterschaft GTC (EV Control) exhaust system which features electronic valve control controllable by the driver, delivering the ability to switch from open mode (aggressive sound) to closed mode (subtle sound) on the fly. Its GTS variant does not offer the valve control feature, and produces a sound equivalent of the GTC in open mode, aggressive at all times.

Installed on this GTI, you’ll find our Meisterschaft cat-less downpipe + front-pipe, and GTC (EV Control) rear muffler section with large 2x102mm LeMans style Round Split tips and included direct bolt-on SR pipe. All of these hand-made components come together to produce one of the most beautiful, highest performing, and best sounding exhaust system available for the VW GTI.


Install Photos